Do all Roads Lead to Rome?


I’ve long been a proponent of proactive transportation policy and more specifically using railroads to move people and goods and how effective rail systems make life better. I’ve been doing this for a long time. In 1990 I was one of the original 25-30 people who were standing in Monument Square in Portland, Maine calling for the creation of Amtrak service between Boston and Portland.

Today this service is a success. A new seventh daily train has been added and according to the advocacy group Train Riders Northeast the Amtrak service is now poised to expand north of Portland to a brand new station in Brunswick. I’m confident this this new service will do as well as the Amtrak service between Boston-Portland which is known as The Downeaster.

I think expanding Amtrak throughout New England is good transportation policy from all aspects, transportation, commerce, community and the list continues on. Similar initiatives are going on in Vermont.

Rail freight service is improving as well. Norfolk Southern Corporation has started the Patriot Corridor running from Mechanicville, New York to Ayer, Mass with a subsidiary effort directed from East Deerfield, Mass. up the Connecticut River valley to White River Junction, Vermont. This is a project that involves a multi million dollar capital investment in the rail infrastructure and a project that I’m confident will lead to substantial taxbase and jobs throughout New England.

I could easily continue on about some further projects that are happening with respect to rail in New England but I won’t because recently, I’ve found a video on UTUBE which I’m concerned about, a project that I’ve heard of before and a project that Senator John E. Sununu and Congressman Paul Hodes told me that does not exist.

This video is about a project known as the NAFTA Superhighway and the construction of roadway and rail from Mexico through to Canada that will be ultimately used to integrate the economies of Canada/United States/Mexico into a North American Union.

I don’t know if this project is happening or not. But I do know that at one time Rome was once a very powerful government and their policy was to tax and control.

All of the roads did originate in Rome.


Source: Endgame 6 of 13 via UTUBE.