So-Called Volunteer Work.


Blue New Hampshire is reporting about Gubernatorial Candidate John Stephen’s so-called volunteer work in Rhode Island for $370,000.00.

I don’t think this looks too good.

Former Commissioner Stephen is facing an uphill battle to begin with. A battle that will be determined in large, by finances. This is assuming there is a clear shot at the three term popular incumbent. This is like the sniper trying to range in on the wolf and not only are the skies cloudy they are very murky.

And the wolf has weapons too.

In a way this is good. The issue has been unleashed in the very beginning and so now Stephen needs to respond and quickly. From the article that I read in the Providence newspaper Stephen has a relationship with Jay Lucas d/b/a The Lucas Group. I was in the legislature when Lucas ran for Governor against Shaheen. I won’t recount history or the election results. My impression of Lucas is that he had little interest in learning about state government or how to get things done in the Statehouse. Instead the Republican party who I recall at the time was Steve Duprey picked Lucas I’m guessing over the ability to “self-finance” his campaign. This is pure speculation on my part.

But I think the real issue is the $370,000.00 and whether Republican frontrunner Stephen can either eliminate the issue or even distance himself from it. Former Commissioner Stephen was in South Carolina was this considered volunteer work as well?

Wounded animals in the forest die very quickly. This is fair and this is just.