Summer is Coming.


It’s looking like Pennsylvania is following the trend of cash strapped states.

Table games are on their way to being passed.

I’ve been following the development(s) at the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, PA is a former steel mill that has now become a casino and tourist destination. I’m thinking about taking a road trip down there in a couple of weeks, as a Texas Holdem player I think the greatest feeling is to crack some aces and have the dealer shove a nice pile my way…

I’m also thinking about taking a trip south the Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack in Chester, West Virginia. I’ve never been there but I think it’s an interesting comparison with New Hampshire a rural based upscale casino in a predominantly rural state.

New Hampshire has no casinos. But the rural based agrarian economies are similar.

Not that the major policymakers in the NH Statehouse are really listening to realistic and factual based arguments for the casino bills anyway.

But I’ll still be reporting what I find out right here on

Well, that’s about all I’ve got right now. I’ve been listening to the Gonzo Goat Rancher Show episode #20 on I Tunes, the top of the show talks about dealing with frustration and rambunctiousness and listening to a song. In this case it’s a song by the Deftones it’s called My Own Summer.

I think its kind of a cool idea.

Summer is coming so I decided to post it here.


Source: Deftones. My Own Summer.(Shove It).