Run Homeless Run!


Recently WMUR ran a segment that I think really shows what the media can do when they put their weight behind an issue. Especially an issue like homelessness in New Hampshire.

It featured reporter Amy Covino looking around Manchester on a cold night searching for the homeless in the cold of night. Strangely she didn’t find anybody.

Isn’t this amazing.

The unemployment rate is in the double digits, hundreds of people in the major cities like Manchester are struggling financially and a record number of individuals are sleeping in their cars, eating in soup kitchens and otherwise living in life conditions that can be accurately described as a living hell. As a result of this there’s another statistic that is quietly increasing as well…

And WMUR doesn’t find anybody.

I was waiting a scene showing attractive Amy wearing jeans and high heels racing across the parking lot like a scene from history detectives where the truth is not only uncovered but its well explained. Then the reality sets in. This isn’t supposed to be entertainment WMUR is trying to say something to someone:  

 It isn’t that bad in Manchester. At least not for the homeless people.

After searching Covino finds some abandoned homeless camps I could have sworn these were the same new sleeping bags in every location and then finally, finally they find someone who is homeless. Living right beside the Merrimack River with a nice kitty cat he describes homelessness. It might even be better than a stuffy condo or a security deposit apartment; you know the ones with the paper thin walls and the moans of ecstasy. WMUR closes it out with a heart wrenching story of a one room family of four and the challenges of bed bugs in the night, forget the cockroaches but bad bedbugs, bad. But the segment appears to end happily for this family so this is good. I’m not sure whether Covino considers herself to be a good journalist or whether she even spent enough time researching the homelessness issue and better yet revealing the truth. 

That would be journalism not entertainment.