A Matter of Political Alignment.


So several days ago I was walking through Border’s bookstore in Concord looking at books like Stephen King’s new book, Under the Dome. I’ve been waiting for the decision or at least the announcement as to whether the famous writer from Bangor will have a sequel to The Shining. As I’m sure you all know the shining was partially based on the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods.

Apparently King has issued a statement about the possibility of a sequel featuring Danny Torrance fifty years later. King has stated that this would be a cool idea but at this point nothing firm has been done.

I’m thinking horror right now after watching some of the press coverage of the casino legislation before the legislature. Clearly the political alignment for the passage of a casino bill is better in New Hampshire than it’s ever been. Senate President Larsen has quoted 60% of New Hampshire voters favor this over taxation. I think the number is closer to 70% but right now this isn’t that important what is important is the political alignment and the fact that elected officials in the statehouse are listening to what the citizens of New Hampshire want. I’ve never heard of Executive Councilor Ray Burton ever state that he supports casinos in New Hampshire, even after I questioned him specifically on this issue but today “now is the time.” Burton has stated.

Now think about Jack Torrance. He is sitting at the bar in the Gold Room being served by the immaculate Bellman. “You’re credit is good here Mr. Torrance, you’re credit will always be good here but there is however, a certain matter that needs to be attended to.”

In New Hampshire that certain matter is Governor John Lynch.

What happens if the legislature passes this expanded casino gaming legislation and is vetoed by Governor Lynch. The popular three term Governor has stated that he is personally opposed to the idea of expanded casino gaming and if you notice that the commission he personally created via executive order isn’t doing anything except gathering information. Big surprise here. So the next election is coming, I think Commissioner Stephen unlike his bids for Congress so far is using a quality issue based strategy and sharp jabs against the governor. Not overly negative, Stephen is using his experience in state government to his advantage. Over time Stephen will inflict some real damage to the image experienced incumbent.

From a political basis Lynch could simply veto the casino bill. The outcome of the election won’t be decided by this action unless the popular three term governor wants to be known as the individual that brought casinos into New Hampshire, which he doesn’t. By vetoing the bill Lynch could effectively move the issue to the next governor should he lose and if he wins uses the veto to sustain his well- established position against expanded casino gaming. Somehow I just can’t picture Gov. Lynch signing a casino bill regardless of what it is.

And regardless of what the citizens of New Hampshire want.

NVN Nation- Descent.