i Tunes or Me Tunes.


Thought I’d start tonight’s blog with some information which may or not be helpful. And this information is iTunes. This is a product that is produced by Apple Corporation. I’ve always assumed it to be an expensive proposition in purchasing an IPOD or an iTouch for several hundred dollars, followed by a recurring expense of $15.00-$20.00 for the iTunes cards used for downloading music onto the IPOD to be listened to. Basically, a fashionable and trendy walkman.

Well today I found out that there is an inexpensive way to enjoy some of the iTunes and more specifically, free podcasting which has a lot of interesting content. Basically all I did was download the iTunes application and did a search of free applications including politics. Well, there’s a lot there and some of it is free. Right now I’m listening to the Gonzo Goat Rancher Show, it’s a mixture of comedy, politics, music and descriptive commentary. There are others. I haven’t spent a great deal of time researching all that is available. Some of the podcasts seem pretty interesting.  Podcasting and politics.

I also believe there is a way to download this content onto an MP3 player which can be purchased for $20-$30 dollars instead of the more expensive Apple societal statement route.  

Speaking of politics I’ve got a number of projects and ideas going on right now but nothing major to report on right now here on nhinsider.com. But I’d like to at least do a précis of some of my ideas and what will likely happen on my blog in the near future.

DRED Commissioner Bald nomination- Despite my interest and inquiry to Executive Councilor Ray Burton I’ve got nothing further to report here. Apparently, my concerns have been forwarded to the Commissioner in issues related to economic development and jobs. In any case there has been no response whatsoever. I’m frustrated by this because during the past two years I’ve contacted officials in Vermont including the Office of Governor about issues that face the region, especially in transportation and economic development. And each time I’ve received a response, a real response not fluff. I’m not even a resident of Vermont! So much for being a New Hampshire political insider.

Expanded Casino Gaming- It’s interesting that former Senator Rubens seems to be the go-to person for all things anti-gaming especially on WMUR.  I’m wondering who is actually listening to this societal based intellectual drivel. I’d be curious to see what Rubens would have to say about the new gaming legislation and development in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I mean no disrespect, but I think Rubens needs to shut the fuck up.  

Today I was reading the Union Leader about the tax breaks for northern New Hampshire only creating seven jobs. I’m disappointed at the responses by both Sen. Gallus and Rep. Chandler. It’s clear that that this initiave isn’t working and something else should be done.

Well I’m running out of space. But thanks for taking the time to read my blog. That’s why I’m doing this.