Gambling, Advertising and Agendas.


Officials in Groveton are making a pitch to bring in a casino into the former Emerson Outfitters building on or near Route 3. This is certainly a nice building but whether it would be successful as a casino I think is a question that remains. I think Berlin should be the only area in northern NH for a casino, unlike southern the part of the state there just isn’t enough of a market area in northern NH for two casinos.

Should be interesting to see what happens.

Speaking of market areas I’m down here at the Sands Bethworks Casino in Bethlehem, PA now. A major market area for this casino is about 70 miles to the east and New York City. And running across I-78 last night was actually surprised to see advertising signs for Atlantic City, NJ casinos on the road to Bethlehem.

I’m told that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has passed table games and these will be put into the Sands Bethworks sometime in July. If New Hampshire passes SB 489 it’s all inclusive, table games right out of the gate. Last night the Sands Bethworks was about as busy as it was when I visited in August incidently, before I left NH to head south I read an article in the Wall Street Journal Newspaper about the Sands Bethworks, I’m not sure what the author was trying to accomplish. First he questions the viability of this former steel mill as a casino then he goes on to state the value of the investment and taxbase to the Bethlehem area. Then he goes on to make a statement that is completely false: he states that beyond the initial number of slot machines that were placed in the casino when it opened last year—there are no plans to add any more slot machines.


I was there last night there are more slot machines in this casino.

So much for accurate reporting.

Speaking of accurate reporting FixitNow is reporting that surveys continue to show that 72% of New Hampshire residents support expanded casino gaming over further taxation.