NH Must Like Signs.


Anyways I’m down here in Jacksonville, Florida. The trip down I-95 is a lot better than New York City especially the wonderful driving habits of the drivers there. I don’t think I saw a single turn signal used my whole time in this city.

So I’m driving south of Savannah, Georgia still on I-95 it’s a 70 mph area and I’ve slowed down into some substantial construction. Four lanes come down into two and behind the jersey bouncers there is a lot of reconstruction happening, featuring paving, piles of steel, rebar and frequently the dusty acrid smell of concrete and jackhammers pounding. This will be quite a road when it’s completed.

Then I’m thinking, “okay where is the sign?” The signs like they have in New Hampshire beside every current highway construction project. The signs read: stimulus project. DOT Tiger, creating jobs and whatever. whateva.

So I’m looking for the signs. None.

This is an I-95 construction project and there are no signs stating anything.

Awesome. There's some leadership here.