The Politician.


Loose lips sink ships.

There can be no greater evidence of this than in politics. Several weeks ago I panned a book on this board about Sen. John Edwards before spending any real time reading this book or considering its political content.

Call it chance, fate, loose lips or whatever I’m down here in Wilmington, North Carolina at Barnes & Noble Store #2156 and what is the major display at this store. It’s The Politician by Andrew Young who will appear here on May 8th.

They have many copies of this book available.

So, I’m now changing course and I’ve decided to give this book at least a partial review. The Politician is written in the narrative first person as a political operative, strategist and confident of Senator John Edwards in his quest for the presidency. The story covers in explicit detail a behind the scenes look at the Edwards campaign, interlaced with details about the political family lives of both the Edward’s and the authors.

I didn’t read every single page of this book, I’m on the road right now there isn’t the time. But to me the quality story starts to unravel with the introduction of Rielle Hunter as the tone of the author moves from political strategist to “You screwed me John Edwards and now you’re dirty laundry goes public.” I won’t reveal anything and I’m saying this as I think Sen. Edwards at the very least should be given a chance to write a book on his own. And The Politician does a great job describing the politics of John Edwards and some decisive, destructive reasoning why the former North Carolina Senator would have been a bad choice for president.

But whether all the real facts behind the writing of this book and the contents of the video tape will ever come to light are a story and a book for another day.