During the 1990s or at least when Charlie Bass was running for Congress I remember seeing a lot of political bumper stickers on cars. The Bass stickers were very distinctive with the orange they are hard to miss. I’m sure the orange is ground out there somewhere in consumer behavior analysis. It all comes down to product marketing and getting the votes and in this case the orange strategy worked.

I’m not seeing a lot of political stickers these days, or at least in my recent trips across the second congressional district. I’ve tried to make a mental note of what I’ve seen on the backs of vehicles and there has not been a lot of politics or at least campaigns displayed. Instead I’ve mainly seen:

Words and symbols for the United States Marine Corps. (mainly on trucks).

Words and symbols for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. (mainly on trucks).

Actually, the only real statement or political stickers I’m finding is on vehicles like the Toyota Prius and other environmentally sustainable green vehicles and these are thoughtful and are ranging from organic farming to small logos for the U.S. Ski Team.

Is the day for political stickerage over?

Stickerage now there’s a word!

Not an in-depth reasoning or analysis here but could the reason be that the demographics and profiles of voters have changed and as a political medium just isn’t viable to get these needed votes. The way things are going maybe the votes don’t even matter, whatever candidate can raise the most money in the shortest period of time wins the nomination.

I think the demographics is a better idea though. In a previous post I’ve made some arguments about female based demographics and their use of vocabulary with the more common examples: exactly, really, absolutely and OMG! Well, I just happened to trip over this video I found on UTUBE which I think proves my point. Just substitute in an expletive for the exactly and the rest remains the same. It would be neat to find out what is meant by candy cane and why does she hate Oklahoma? Now imagine her response.

These are the voters. The real demographics.

And I’ll bet there’s no political stickerage on this car. No way!

Source: UTUBE.