Slaughter the Mice.


The New Hampshire House of Representatives has found Senate Bill 489 Inexpedient to Legislate.

In addition to my frustration I’ll state what I think is the outcome as a result of this vote. New Hampshire remains in the past as the future moves forward or from a more simplistic basic definition: treading water.  When I learned of this vote my first reaction was to look at the roll call and the legislators that voted yea. The legislator from my district, Grafton County District #2 Rep. Kathleen N. Taylor is among these yea votes.

I haven’t contacted Rep. Taylor yet but I’d suspect that if I were to question her about why she voted to kill Senate Bill 489 and the type of response:

“I’m trying to defend the mouse.”

And who exactly is the snake?

By their definitions the mouse being the vulnerable citizens to legislation like S.B. 489 and what the WMUR go-to anti-gaming spokesman former Sen. Jim Rubens often characterizes when his image appears on the nightly news. And interestingly, just as the vote was in the offing the Governor’s Gaming Study Commission issues a release about revenues if the legislation were to be passed. They don’t provide any methodology or analysis in support of their position which they term ‘disappointing.’ The vote was not soon after.

Interesting timing.

I’m disappointed at the performance of my state representative. I’m not sure who she is representing in Grafton County #2. I don’t see a lot of mice in my travels through the district. Actually my recent travels have taken me to places and states that have passed legislation like S.B. 489.

I’d like to know why my state representative voted against S.B. 489 and why New Hampshire can’t move forward into the future. 

The answer to this question is the real definition of the snake.