Tolls as Revenue.


I’m headed back to New Hampshire. I’ve just crossed over the Connecticut/Massachusetts border and am in Springfield, Mass. At this point in my journey I have one thought.


And all are on I-95 near New York City.  

Starting with

New Jersey Turnpike Authority.  $6.25

George Washington Bridge         $8.00

Total                                          $14.25

Good Transportation Policy          Priceless

That’s $14.25 tolled in less than 35 miles. I checked on my GPS and maps for alternate routes the New Jersey portion would have been assessed as I came north from Philadelphia and avoiding the George Washington Bridge- perhaps White Plains, NY then across the Tapanzee Bridge, yet another toll $8.00 and fuel prices at $2.89 to get there.

I think I-95 is the most viable route even with the tolls.

So now I’m thinking about the route from Montreal across route 10 and then south to I-91 then to either I-93 or I-89 to Boston. The tolls on this route:

Hooksett, NH                                  $1.00

This is quite a distance for a dollar.

With the NH now defeating Senate Bill 489 I’m wondering how many people would be upset if the toll in Hooksett were raised to $2.00?

It’s still lower than the tolls in New York and New Jersey.