Getting There.


It’s interesting that NH Insider Blogger Steve MacDonald spent some 12 hours travelling from New Hampshire down to Florida.

I love to drive my 2009 Subaru Legacy and it took me about 19 ½ hours to get down to Florida. I was able to make this journey though Sirius satellite radio and resources that are available to every driver on I-95. And these include: Pilot Travel Centers, Flying J Travel Centers and Love’s Travel Centers. This is addition to the rest areas that are provided by the states on I-95 that assist travelers in getting there.

After making this trip to Florida I’m now thinking a good idea would be to close the NH rest areas save the taxpayers in the area of $411,000.00 a year; why? Because other than a place to park and use a restroom what do these rest areas provide?

If you’re looking for an answer to this question try going to rest areas along I-95 and compare the services offered to what New Hampshire offers. Then compare the attitude of the employees of the I-95 rest areas to the employees that staff the New Hampshire rest areas.  

I think Delaware does it the best. In addition to providing a state rest area with good service including free maps, etc. The state has leased out the real estate around the complex to not one but two competing fuel companies which provide some of the most competitively priced fuel that I encountered on this trip.

Close the NH rest areas. Save $411,000.00 a year.

While on the subject of NH rest areas have you ever known of anyone that works in these rest areas, and more specifically how did they get their job?

I think this is the real definition of how politics works in New Hampshire.

And it’s costing money. Yours.