Business as Usual.


“Democracy is a great thing it’s too bad more people don’t take advantage of it.”- Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I’m not sure if the above quote is correct but I’m going to take a stab at it.

Tonight WMUR had a story about what I’ve reported here for some time; the decline and fall of the paper industry in northern New Hampshire. Gorham based Fraser Papers is shutting down for a week and idling some 300 workers at the last remaining paper operation in the state.

Why does WMUR even bother to report on this?

I think because in Concord its business as usual.

The nomination of DRED Commissioner George Bald sailed through in fair winds and blue seas and the last I’ve heard that the only thing the state has done is to support the Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC) based in St. Johnsbury, VT which as understand it Vice President and Grant Writer (taxpayer money) Cathy Conway wrote a grant to get a LNG pipeline into to the Frasier Mill only to see the money end up in Wisconsin.

As a part of this story, WMUR reports that “officials at Fraser weren’t available for comment.”


We’re they not available for comment or, did WMUR not make any effort to contact them? My guess is that the answer to this question is the later.

Free Speech and responsible journalism.  I don’t think WMUR has practiced either. They could have interviewed the newly confirmed DRED Commissioner but they didn’t. They could have dug for some real information and found answers but they didn’t.  I’m confident that the days of this historic mill are numbered and what is Concord doing about all of this?

But as I thought about it deeper, why should Concord do anything? The system as it is seems to be working out just fine as it is now.   

Democracy and freedom is a good thing it’s too bad more people don’t take advantage of it.