Practice What You Don't Preach


Looks like a vacancy on the Republican National Committee.

Failed congressional candidate Grant Bosse mentioned as possible replacement. “I think the Republican Party needs some new energy and focus on free-market politics and that’s what I’d bring to the table if I end up running.” Bosse said.

Bosse is right about the first part but questions about everything else.

What exactly is “free-market politics?”

During his campaign for Congress I wrote to Bosse about Coos County and some of the free-market issues facing this area of New Hampshire.  And I didn’t generalize I asked him specific questions about whether he would support federal grants and expenditures in areas ranging from the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad to the Portland Natural Gas Transmission System and the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in several strategic applications.

Bosse simply blew me off.

I’m not sour grapes. The second congressional district is a large one. At the time it was a contested primary (Bosse eventually got clobbered) and I think with his background as a radio talk show host he might find my question(s) if nothing else either irrelevant or a distraction from what he was working on at the time. Namely, his now failed bid for the U.S. Congress.

So if he does run for this RNC post what does it mean that he supports free-market politics? Does this mean he supports free-markets? Is this the most effective position for an RNC member from New Hampshire?

I’d also ask Bosse if he’s ever been to a strip club.