How to Tame Your Dragon.


Politics on End Caps.

I’m here at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Newington it’s a different environment than my usual Borders bookstore haunt. After being here for a few minutes I’m now thinking about the rumored financial death toll of the Borders chain.

I think Concord would really suck without a Borders bookstore.

In any case I’m looking at a B&N end cap with The Politician book. This is the book about the downfall of former senator and failed presidential candidate, John Edwards. It doesn’t look that good. So I passed over it and instead started reading another book nearby, this one is No One Would Listen by Harry Markopolos; it’s about a whistleblower in the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme. I started reading it I think it’s a horrible book, instead of focusing on the crime itself the writer talks about the structure and operations of the SEC and how all of this happened. Then the book talks at length about the career and family life of the whistle blower and the whole ponzi scheme issue is about a chapter or 15 pages, if that. Madoff made off with billions of dollars of economic value and all they could give it was fifteen pages. Guess this is the state of the book market. Sell the fluff and not the substance. Is this politics about books and books about politics? Maybe it’s about market censorship.

Here is an interesting quote that for whatever reason is making me think of NH politics.

Money is like a bitchy woman you have to watch her all the time if you don’t then you’ll wake up the next morning and she’ll be gone.” – Michael Douglas.

This quote if from an upcoming movie Wall Street 2 starring this actor. I’m curious as to what Mr. Douglas would have to say about politics. I’ll bet this movie will be better than these two books. But my impression is that the public would rather be watching: Avatar and How to Tame Your Dragon.

Think the dragon eventually escapes from its master. Well at least the story ends happily.