Too Far To The Left.


So I’m heading southbound on I-93 today and there is some guardrail and roadway construction starting south of Ashland. The state has got the road down to one lane in places and of course the Massachusetts “I’m going first” mentality is prevailing in this 55 mph zone.

Doesn't it always.  

The construction crews have put the orange cones out too far and every vehicle including mine is startling the line past the orange cones on the right and the wash board strips on the left.  I pass by two members of the state police one is on a cell phone the other having a conversation with the construction crews who are pounding away at the metal guardrail under the blue New Hampshire sky. I’m trying to navigate and listen to the music of Boris Mikulic and of course the driver up ahead of me keeps hitting the washboards with its distinctive sound. It doesn’t mix too well.

The scene on I-93 Southbound is in contrast to my recent road trip to Florida when on I-95 Southbound for Savannah, Ga. I encountered a very substantial construction project on this roadway, which was at least 15 miles in duration. The major difference here was: no speed restrictions, no state police and the construction crews looked like they were working against the clock. In other words they were busting their ass. I’d think New Hampshire and Florida would be exactly the opposite, Florida a much larger state with highway contractors that could become lost in the bureaucratic shuffle instead of a small state like New Hampshire with greater accountability.

So much for the New Hampshire advantage.  

The day went on later I was in Border’s sipping a most excellent Javanella Shake sitting on a couch half reading a book about Brigham Young, it was interesting I had never realized that he was from Vermont too. In any case an attractive female came over and sat in one of the nearby chairs she’s reading the Dummies’ Guide to Weddings. I felt like asking Cinderella what her position was on the state budget deficit and if she had any ideas of effective policy to get out of this situation. And in addition to this what should be done to Massachusetts drivers that make the choice not to obey the posted speed limits on New Hampshire interstate highways.

But I didn’t.

Source: Boris Mikulic Bitter Als Der Tod.