Maine Pulls Ahead.


Soon in a statewide referendum Maine voters will be asked to vote on a series of bond projects that will move this state forward.

The voters get to vote on their own future. Imagine that.

These projects include:

Acquisition of the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railroad lines in northern Maine. This will save at least 750 jobs in this area of the state including many medium and small businesses directly tied to the forest products industry.

Dredging of the Portland Harbor. This is a small project that will turn part of the entry channel and the Maine State Pier into a “deep-water port.” This is a good project because it will open up opportunity for larger vessels like cruise ships and container ships to make port calls into Portland where they can’t now. I think this move will also effectively kill Portsmouth, New Hampshire and any port activity there.

Casino gaming in Oxford County- This has been in the pipeline for some time some recent supporters include the former owners of the NH International Speedway. This will mean economic development and jobs for this area of Maine which is right across the border from Gorham and Shelburne, New Hampshire.

The voters in Maine get to vote on their own future.

Are we missing something in New Hampshire?

We most certainly are!

Have a great day NH Insiders be safe out there.