Hemingway Joins The Race.

New Hampshire native Andrew Hemingway has entered the race for the Second Congressional District.

I don’t see this leading anywhere but it is at least another choice for the voters of the district.

Calling himself an internet businessman, whatever this means, the candidate is chairman of the Bristol Budget Committee and has listed as his accomplishments started a window washing business and has been successful in organizational development at an insurance company. I’m not sure if these are the best credentials for a member of congress but I think a lot of voters are looking for a candidate that will represent the district and be accessible to the issues that are important here not in Washington. His official website is neat and well organized which is unlike some of the other 2d candidates who like to put in things like flags and symbolism.

But I’d still feel better if Mr. Hemingway had more political experience before entering this race he should also offer more positions on the issues besides: Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life. There are more issues than this in the second congressional district. Steve MacDonald would disagree with me on this but I think a member of congress needs to spend a great deal of time bringing the resources of Washington back into areas of New Hampshire that need it. If I had the chance I’d ask Mr. Hemingway exactly what his position(s) are about issues like high-speed rail and the decline and fall of paper manufacturing in Coos County.

In the end it’s the lack of experience that is going to kill this campaign; I’m not even considering or asking how Mr. Hemingway is proposing to finance this endeavor which will take him from Pittsburg to Keene and that’s a lot of distance, especially against other experienced campaigns that are already in the trenches.