Who is Karen Testerman?


I’m starting to think that the popular Governor is headed to a fourth term. Not because of lack of issues but because his opponents don’t seem to have the endurance or the financial resources to be able to wage an aggressive political campaign against Lynch.

And that’s what it is going to take.

So now I’m reading the press releases from Franklin resident Karen Testerman. She seems like a nice person originally from California came east and is active in organizations like the coalition of NH Taxpayers, NH Firearms Coalition and NH Right to Life, among others. Ms. Testerman is Executive Director of Cornerstone Policy Research, a NH “family policy organization.” Her press releases all read like they’re catering to the anti-tax and small government crowd, which is good no one wants to pay more taxes this is for sure. But I do see a lack of substance in much of what the candidate is saying, it’s one thing to say to cut spending and the size of state government it’s another to state exactly how you would propose to accomplish this.

Testerman is opposed to expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire. In a separate press conference she labeled the proposal as “a carrot or a quick fix laden with unintended consequences.” I’ve been following both the proposal and the legislation from the start- never seen any of this. What I’ve seen is surveys that show NH residents prefer casino gaming over further taxation and areas like the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the States of Delaware, New York and Missouri all reporting positive net gains and taxbase from expanded casino gaming.

Carrots need not apply.  

So who is Karen Testerman and why is she running for Governor of New Hampshire? Cutting state spending, family values, small government and speeches to the tea sipping grey haired Rotarians all play very well and the ideas are notable and laudable, even if they aren’t supportable. And against an experienced, popular incumbent Governor this also doesn’t amount to much.

Maybe her whole campaign isn’t either.