Money for Tourism.


The Mount Washington Cruise Ship has undergone its yearly shakedown cruise on the largest inland New Hampshire lake. After a $700,000.00 taxpayer supported retrofit including the replacement of two power plants, the vessel is ready for another season. The M/S Mount Washington is tourism and revenue for New Hampshire but the question is still very much out there. Is this an effective use of taxpayer funds? New Hampshire faces deficits and red ink in every category but yet there are still financial resources available to support a luxury ship that services who?

New Hampshire residents?

Out of state residents?

It would be interesting to see the demographics and the profiles of the individuals that get underway on the M/S Mount Washington. I’m not even going to speculate but my question is: regardless of who is on this vessel are NH taxpayers being served by this $700,000.00 investment? There can be an argument made that this investment is really historic preservation similar to giving tax breaks to another Mount Washington this one the hotel in Bretton Woods. But history aside, I’m also concerned about precedent that this now sets. For example the Flying Yankee train which is owned by the State of New Hampshire sits up at the Hobo Railroad in Lincoln, NH; it looks like the preservation/restoration efforts for this train have stalled due to lack of money.

Are NH taxpayers going to be asked to finance this project as well?