Ovide for Senate 2010 Business Leadership Team.


I think this press release is a reason to not vote for Ovide Lamontage for U.S. Senate.

It appears here on NH Insider.com and I’d imagine it will end up in the business section of newspapers right alongside of the weekly listing of bank teller supervisors that have been promoted to customer service managers. In any case the Ovide 2010 press release also has another interesting fact:

No business from northern New Hampshire.

That’s right. Not one. A candidate for the United States Senate issues a press release talking about:

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Lamontagne. “I am proud to be backed by business owners across New Hampshire who know the importance of the private sector and what it means to create real jobs. These leaders believe, as I do, that by unleashing free market principles, we allow our state and country to flourish.  We need to shrink the federal government, rein in spending and balance our budget, to allow these leaders to do the job they do best – create jobs.”

Across New Hampshire.  This is stated.  

I went through the list of businesses on this list including an investment company from Melvin Village and a business from Barrington called Kathy’s Huggables.  I’m not sure what candidate Lamontage means by creating jobs and even if some of the names on this press release have done any of this.

Is this the best this campaign can do?

New Hampshire voters deserve better ideas for the future than what's depicted in a press release like this.