Don't Feed The Birds.


I keep thinking about my most recent excellent road trip to Florida. I’ve not defined these thoughts but after reading the Steve MacDonald post vacation distress disorder (PVDD) am thinking that this could be it:

So, I’m now crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Norfolk, Va. It’s a scene of blue skies, blue water and me going from one land form to another to the sounds of industrial trance. Sometime later I’m rolling up through some farmlands in Maryland and pass by the Purdue Chicken Facility in Salisbury, and by now I’m hungry which has nothing to do with chicken as I pull into a McDonalds. There having a sale on the fish sandwich according to the sign (2 for 1) so this is most good. I get my food and walk back to my car eating several crispy, hot fries enroute. But as I'm approaching my vehicle and attempting to get the door open via a remote key I’m getting the feeling that someone is watching me, and watching my every move. It’s a strange feeling as I quickly scan the parking lot and nearby route 13 to see what this could be about, and there was nothing there. But then after looking up…

Seagulls a flock of them.

Hovering, flapping their eyes focused on my McDonald’s bag. Their facial expressions saying if we could take this bag we would! But they can’t, "ha, ha" I respond, so much for the power of numbers. But in any case, I’m on vacation and I decide to throw a couple of fries on the ground near me. Instantaneously six to eight of the white birds come tumbling to the ground, there are a couple of quick squeaks and two of the white birds munch down the fries as the flock is once again airborne right above me. What determines which seagull(s) got the fries? Is it ambition, is it luck?

This is making me think of the NH race for the Second Congressional District. Several candidates but other than fundraising there doesn’t seem to be much campaigning or even a presence; I’ve never seen any of the candidates in northern New Hampshire.

I’m thinking about a flock of seagulls all trying to get access to what each one them needs food.  So who will win the race for the Second Congressional District? And will this victory be on the basis of a quality political campaign or just getting access to the needed money for the campaign. I’d be willing to bet that somewhere on that McDonalds near Salisbury, Md. there is a sign that says:

Don’t feed the birds!!!