Just Try and Argue Against This.


It doesn’t take much time for images to come to light when Second Congressional District candidate for Congress Bob Guida takes to the stage.

It doesn’t take much time at all.

The powers of liberty and freedom mean a lot to a candidate that is clearly defined and characterized by words like experience, integrity, leadership, dedication, patriotism and most of all passion. I think it’s difficult if not impossible to make an argument as to why Bob Guida would not be an effective member of the U.S. Congress from New Hampshire.

But I’m still going to try.

It takes a lot to be an elected official especially in these challenging times. It also takes more than love of country to represent a state and a district that is as diverse as the Second Congressional District. This is where Guida is either missing the mark or at the very least overlooking it. For example the candidate will give a passionate speech about the value of the constitution and all that Washington is doing to us citing issues like healthcare and cap & trade. But what is missing here is how exactly this applies to the Second Congressional District and more importantly, how having Bob Guida in Washington advances the issues that this area of New Hampshire faces. The candidate has a distinguished background, a background I’d note that is largely removed from the normal everyday people of the Second Congressional District. Guida cites his experience as a selectmen and a state representative; but doesn’t detail what was accomplished during his tenure sans the removal of some two town officials as “it was the right thing to do.” It would be interesting to hear an interview from the town officials that were terminated and what their perceptions of the candidate are.  And I’m not sure a fact finding mission to the tribal areas of Pakistan serves much to stop the decaying taxbase and struggling families in the western areas of New Hampshire. Maybe it does.

Like the other Republican candidates for Congress I haven’t seen Mr. Guida in northern New Hampshire. And I’d be curious as to his feelings about Coos County and what could have been done differently. The important question here is if the government at the federal and state level had any responsibility to change the course of history and stop the downward spiral of communities, families and individuals. I’d also delve into some questions of social policy and the increasing pressure felt in middle and high schools including what is now happening to teachers in these school systems.

As this video shows Guida speaks well and he has a presence which is important for any elected official his patriotism is inspiring. But I'm confident that if the candidate were pressed to start answering questions like this the responses would show that he really isn’t one of us.   

Source: Bob Guida.