Preaching But Not Practicing.


I’m really liking UTUBE these days the primary reason for this is that the content on this channel not only seems real and done by real people but there are no commercials interrupting the story line and I think it’s safe to say that the content that appears is genuine not some script that has been washed and re-written by a powerful network conglomerate.

I’ve been spending some time looking at the candidates for the NH Second Congressional District. Today, I’m looking at some of the material related to Jennifer Horn. And there is a good selection of videos to choose from. But after watching some of these videos I’m still having a problem with her campaign and what she is proposing for the second congressional district which can be captured in this video below and these words:

Jennifer Horn is preaching but not practicing.

For example one of the questions below Horn was asked about Rep. Carol Shea Porter. Horn responded by saying how effective the representative at grassroots politics which is the way it is done in New Hampshire then she quickly moved on to her examples of inspiration including the Chernobyl survivors and the role of her own mother in her childhood. If Horn is such a supporter of grassroots politics how come she isn’t practicing it? I’ve never seen the candidate in northern New Hampshire and too my knowledge she doesn’t have any grassroots organization here at all. The Horn interview would continue with the candidate talking about how Washington is broken and how standing up for what is right is ultimately the best course of action to take. This certainly plays well but where is the real structure? Is Jennifer Horn about talking points or actually doing something for the second congressional district?

Yesterday, I put up a video about Democratic candidate Kuster going to Berlin and talking about some of the issues there. And there are issues. And the sense that I get from a candidate like Kuster is that she may not have the solution(s) to some of the issues in the second congressional district but she is at least willing to listen to the constituents and stand alongside in the trenches to understand these issues.

I don’t get this sense with Jennifer Horn at all.


Source: TV 13 Interview w/Jennifer Horn.