Bradley Pork Sausage.


I’m doing two things right now, so I guess in the world of progress I’m multitasking. The first task is that I came home from work and started making some Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage.

Wow is it ever good!  And I mean good.

I’d never purchased Jimmy Dean before instead I often purchase sausage by northeast and Canadian producers like Schonland’s.  The later part may be naive on my part because of the role of global based finance and how ultimately—no business venture that has any real capitalization is owned locally, anymore. It just isn’t the reality. The powerful investment banks and global hedge funds either have direct control or are holding enough debt to influence everything but the statement: Buy local.

But I still try. It’s important.

The next part as I’m frying up the meaty sausage links is watching former Congressman Jeb Bradley standing in some barn in Wolfeboro trying to make some speech on UTUBE about patriotism and the future of New Hampshire. I’m looking at this individual and saying “I’m glad he isn’t the next member of Congress because this is either a stupid political speech in a barn or he doesn’t get it.”

This is sad because Bradley does get it. But for whatever reason, enter NH politics, he feels it is necessary to stand among the wooden planks, bales of straw and some faded flags and espouse how good life would be if New Hampshire went backward instead of forward.


It’s too bad there wasn’t a question period after the political meeting of the the good ole boys in Wolfeboro. I’d ask Bradley some real questions like jobs and how exactly he proposes as a state senator to create jobs. Part of my questioning would be relative to the tourism industry and how he can continue to vote against expanded casino gaming when the electorate seems in the majority of support. New Hampshire can’t move backward now, it just wouldn’t work.

So I’m now thinking about Jimmy Dean. The news media did a great job about his recent passing they talked about his life and his business ventures which led to some great pork and later acquisition by the Sara Lee Corporation, where Dean himself would later be released as spokesman for his own company.

“Nobody likes Jimmy Dean.” he said at the time.

Sara Lee was trying to change its brand identity to be more appealing to the snobby, Volvo driving housewife and their stated reason for the departure of Dean. I think it was a mistake on the part of Sara Lee to do this because more often than not brand identity changes destroy more markets and sales than they create-- this is proven. The same is true in politics.

Senator Jeb Bradley now has a brand identity and it’s a bad one.

Source: UTUBE.