Who Says The Economy Is Bad.


Sometimes I read headlines in the newspaper and have to wonder if there is any truth to the bad economy argument here in New Hampshire. And it goes like this:

Lindt Chocolate expands in New Hampshire.

On the surface this is good this is a Switzerland based employer that is expanding its operations in Stratham to over 350 employees which helps the local taxbase and the New Hampshire economy.

But which economy does Lindt Chocolate serve?

It isn’t the economy of people that have lost their jobs or had their houses foreclosed on in the pages of the Union Leader. Lindt Chocolate is an upscale and expensive chocolate for the most discriminating palate. I’ve only had this chocolate one or two times, it’s good but certainly not worth the prices that they charge--$5.00-$6.00 for a single bar. But their operations in Stratham are reportedly expanding: so there will more expensive chocolate on the market and maybe this is an indication that the economy is in fact, getting better?

I’m picturing a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Lindt factory with state officials like DRED Commissioner George Bald. They’ll be appropriate remarks and statements about the New Hampshire economy it will be well executed to make it almost seem like this is real.

And it isn’t.

But one good aspect of this whole deal: I think Lindt Chocolates can be purchased with NH EBT cards so maybe the Volvo driving yuppies that live in places like Rye aren’t the only ones that can enjoy the dark delight.

It’s a new day in New Hampshire.