Cuts at NH Hospital.


Recently the Concord Monitor had a story which I think shows just what is happening in this state. The piece called “Mentally ill patients must wait.” by Annemarie Timmins and it started out like this:

“Budget cuts have forced the New Hampshire Hospital to begin deferring emergency admissions for mentally ill patients in crisis, forcing local hospitals and even jails to house these sometimes-volatile patients for hours or days until a state hospital bed is available.” This is what happens when you cut the budget in New Hampshire. Real people are impacted by the cuts.

So what are the Republican candidates proposing:  More cuts.

At a recent Republican forum in Laconia all of the candidates suggested 10-12% budget cuts across state government and their attitudes were “we’re cutting the waste out of state government and representing the hard working taxpayers.” The New Hampshire Hospital is not accepting emergency admissions because of budget cuts.  Mentally ill patients in crisis are being turned away. A question is to ask the Republican candidates for Governor, former Commissioner of Health and Human Services John Stephen and Executive Director Karen Testerman is what they think about the current budget cuts at the New Hampshire Hospital and whether it is acceptable to make mentally ill patients wait.

I’ll wait for the answer.

In the meantime both Stephen and Testerman are running for Governor with state budget cuts as a centerpiece of their campaigns. To date I’ve seen neither state how they would accomplish this. Budget cuts that are going to impact real people in New Hampshire.

They are now.


Source: Concord Monitor.