To Defeat John Stephen.


Gubernatorial candidate John Stephen appeared today in a campaign stop to represent what I think is the real identity of his campaign.


Appearing at a Derry strip mall Stephen made remarks about the promise of the future including such ideas as tax holidays and affordable tuition as a future for New Hampshire and the major capital issues that face this state. How any voter in New Hampshire could possibly buy into this Stephens political crap is beyond me but it does play very well. Every voter likes to hear about reduction in spending and paying less taxes. But this isn’t reality but then again this is the same state that elects Jennifer Horn in a straw poll, another candidate that has yet to say anything about reality and more importantly about what real individuals and families face in New Hampshire.

Welcome to the politics. Welcome to the promises. Thank you John Stephen and Jennifer Horn. Thank you.  

But the good part of all of this is that John Stephen can be defeated. And I think this defeat can come from the one element his campaign is trying to avoid: which is reality. A reality that shows state employees and equipment being pushed beyond their limits. A reality that shows what happens to real people when cutbacks are made, and a reality that shows how the future will cost even more if John Stephen is elected.

Today, I’ve left messages for the elected officials in my area of New Hampshire namely, Executive Councilor Ray Burton and Sen. John Gallus to see if they are endorsing candidate Stephen and what exactly he would do for northern New Hampshire. I’m looking forward to their responses.

In the meantime I’d ask you to consider the campaign of John Stephen and what this could mean for New Hampshire.

Source: Tamworth Millionaire Program.