The Call to Senator Gallus.


It’s a hot night here in New Hampshire. Right now I’m doing my usual after leaving work which is working on a recipe. Good food leads to the good life.

Tonight’s recipe is very basic. I’ll call it the enhanced salsa and cut with a ceramic knife. And it goes like this: two types of tomatoes, two types of onions and at least three types of peppers plus the jalapenos and does this ever rock! With some Breakstone’s sour cream this is better than any food establishment could ever dream of serving. And the best part of this whole situation was the ceramic knife. The specifications state that ceramic knives have 3X the strength of stainless steel knives including the edge and this is the clear truth—the cutting is night and day over a traditional knife like what I had been using which is a Sudoku. The only drawback as I understand it with a ceramic knife is that they are considered high maintenance in that they have to be cleaned immediately upon usage and that they are very brittle and easily broken. But this aside the cutting alone is enough of a reason to use these knives…

Tomorrow on my way to work I’m going to call the offices of Gallus & Green in Berlin. This is the real estate office in Berlin of Senator John Gallus who represents roughly the northern 1/3 of the state and give or take a few towns about the same district as Executive Council District #1. My call or voicemail will be the same as it has been:

Senator Gallus are you endorsing John Stephen to be the next Governor of New Hampshire?”

I think I already know the answer to this question but I’d really like to hear a State Senator explain how he can endorse someone who talks about cutting spending and the state budget without stating exactly where these cuts will be made; financial cuts that will impact real people and real families in this state, and especially in northern part of the state. I’d also like Senator Gallus to explain what kind of leadership qualities Mr. Stephen will bring to the corner office.

My experience as a former legislator is that Mr. Stephen is very skilled at much of what is involved in politics, he fits in quite well talking with lobbyists in the LOB, he knows the power of the media, (especially the hugging and kissing part) and my opinion Mr. Stephen seems comfortable in an environment and meetings where there is alot of whispering in people’s ears.  

Is this what New Hampshire needs for the next Governor?

I’m not a Stephen supporter I think with his education and background he could do a lot for not only his own campaign but for new ideas and direction for a state that needs new direction. If you notice Stephen doesn’t do this. I think in the back of his mind he is really saying, “they’re all so stupid anyways.”

A lot of politicians make this mistake.