The Burton Endorsement


Not long ago I contacted Executive Councilor Ray Burton to see if he is endorsing John Stephen to be the next Governor of New Hampshire. Burton did not respond so at this point I’m taking it that the 30 year Executive Councilor is supporting a candidate that has said nothing of substance except the ever popular, “let’s cut spending” as the future of the Granite State.

Cuts that are going to leave good people out in the cold-- this is the reality of what is going to happen in New Hampshire if John Stephen gets elected. And no where will the evidence of this be greater than in the northern part of the state.

So what is really happening here? What kind of political deals were made and ultimately where does it all lead? I don’t know the answers to these question(s) I wish I did but in the meantime I do know how to write and all I can do is warn the voters about what is coming next:

Draft (Letter to the Editor).

The recent Fourth of July celebrations included the campaigns of politicians running for office. One of the more prominent images on this hot weekend was of Executive Councilor Ray Burton photoed with candidate for Governor John Stephen.

Tantamount to a political endorsement, so far, the Stephen’s campaign amounts to cutting spending and the entire budget for New Hampshire. In addition to not stating how he would accomplish this, Stephen seems to be ignoring reality; a reality that shows threadbare state agencies and massive strain of the programs and services that remain.

I think if Stephen gets elected these statewide cuts will advance at a reckless and unchecked pace. Imagine what will happen to individuals and families in the dead of winter, imagine what will happen to many state services that are simply slashed under the Stephen campaign promise. This will be a bad situation very bad.

Now consider how John Stephen could be elected to office and who his supporters are.