Becoming A Human Being.


I’m reading the news of former Attorney General Tom Rath being arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Portsmouth. Rath was driving a 2010 Mercedes Benz. And the very first thoughts on my mind:

Sherman McCoy.  “Shermannnnn….”- Melanie Griffith.

I’m confident you all know who Mr. McCoy is so I won’t recount how his life and socioeconomic status were forever changed in the great words by Tom Wolff. By the end of the book Mr. McCoy became a human being or was at least was on the road to becoming one and the story ends.

I’ll state upfront I don’t know the former NH Attorney General but I do know of my observations of him and his lobbying firm during my two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. My impression of Tom Rath:  A master of the universe.  Just like Sherman McCoy.

And all the qualifications to make this so: the right schools, the right pedigree the right circumstances membership in the elite concord clique that leads right to the top. His lobbying and presentation was no exception and to this and his presence in the LOB seemed to exude “I am somebody.” I remember reading through the list of clients at the Rath Law firm; all power and influence both literally and figuratively examples include: PSNH and its parent company Northeast Utilities. This was during the time of electric deregulation in New Hampshire and clearly a powerful Atty. Rath was at the forefront.

Now consider what really happened during the deregulation… And what this did to New Hampshire. Does New Hampshire have a deregulated electric market today? The power of an effective and well connected lobbyist.

I know someone who is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC).  He told me once that a person who does a DWI, on average, will do it at least 10 times before they are caught. The LADC also told me that on a  Friday and Saturday night after 8:30pm if you pass a line of ten cars statistics can prove that four of the cars, the driver has consumed alcohol and statistics can also prove that the driver is impaired and the line of impairment starts before the legal line of .08 BAC.  Four out of ten cars.  

According to the news former Attorney General Rath stands accused of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Somehow I’m picturing him driving around Concord in his shiny Mercedes Benz looking at the growing ranks of homeless people living in the capital city and wondering if he says to himself:

I’m more fortunate than them or are they less fortunate than me.”