Congressman Cleveland.


Like I’ve stated in some recent posts I’m pretty cynical when it comes to New Hampshire politics these days; I think the dynamics of the current campaigns and the upcoming election clearly show that New Hampshire is quickly becoming a pay to play state just like Massachusetts has always been. If you’ve got money and connections then you can be in politics, if not, then accept what you get it’s not like you had any real choice anyways. As a part of this I’m thinking that in the not too distant future the three affordable NH State Senate seats namely districts 1-3 will become alibi seats, wealth and power satisfies the residency requirements and a new senator is elected. It’s interesting that opponents of expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire argue that the presence of the casinos will influence the state house, politics, elections, etc. That’s going to happen anyway, it’s just the state won’t get the economic development, jobs and taxbase that the casinos would provide.

With this said for some reason I’m thinking about former Congressman Jim Cleveland. Before my time but I understand he was like the situation that New Hampshire is basically in now: politics that no longer exist. Congressman Cleveland was successful in the Second Congressional District because he did constituent service and nothing else. This is also before the era of sophisticated communications and strategy that are commonplace place today. Cleveland did constituent service-- imagine what would happen to a candidate or an incumbent that did this today. Rather than videos about the budget deficit perhaps Charlie Bass could have a video about constituent service and how he might serve the voters of the second congressional district. But then again after this next primary Charlie Bass could be a politician that no longer exists.

And if there’s any real choice. Like Massachusetts.

Last thought I’ll leave with today. Right now I’m reading a copy of Overdrive Magazine and they have an article about S. 3629 legislation that is primarily designed at transportation, intermodal and the movement of freight. Here is a précis of the bill: 

“Transportation groups are backing a congressional bill meant to improve and coordinate freight policy in the federal government and states while adding an infrastructure grants program. Trucking though is not mentioned in the bill, which focuses on rail, ports and intermodal without mentioning trucking. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) introduced the Focusing Resources, Economic Investment, and Guidance to Help Transportation Act July 22. The FREIGHT Act, or S. 3629, would direct the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop and implement a National Freight Transportation Strategic Plan and create an Office of Freight Planning and Development.”

This is something that is needed here in New Hampshire and across the Northeast. But politics is involved and politics during an election year anything could happen including whatever agenda wields a lot of power.

As if there’s any real choice.