Don't Listen To Rumors.


"There are two things in life you never want to see get made. And these are policy and pork sausage.” Deputy Speaker Stacy Cole.

I’m a big fan of anything Jimmy Dean; for starters it’s easy to make and at the end it really tastes great, especially the maple sausage links. They rock!  Still on the subject of pork sausage-- this week I’m trying out different types of bacon and how to effectively cook this in hot greasy oil. My immediate experience is that this is very similar to politics-- bacon is a pay to play game and the game works like this: the more expensive it is and the darker the packaging is the more bacon you get with less cooking time and the draining of the hot grease.  

The draining of the hot grease.  

Pork sausage and hot oil aside, for me today was a great day and a reason to have faith in New Hampshire in politics; and even the process of how pork sausage is made. Am I moving someplace on this blog or what!! It's been a long day... 

The Executive Director of the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority returned my call with a voicemail. It was relative to my inquiry for a state loan guarantee to the Gorham based Steel Elements Inc. which later went bankrupt and had to be liquidated. My concern was the taxpayers of New Hampshire and what had happened though this transaction.

“The New Hampshire taxpayer’s didn’t lose any money on this loan guarantee.” said Donovan. And I’m immediately relieved, the whole dynamics of this situation and listening to local rumors created an environment for me that suggested some fine grade bacon being poured down the drain with the oil. And this didn’t happen. The Executive Director is a true professional in this field.

“They did have a viable business plan.” he said of Steel Elements Inc.; a startup company that began sometime in 2005 but he indicated that the economy was a factor and though the state did try to seek a new operator to continue payments on the loan from St. Johnsbury, Vermont based Passumpsic Bank Inc. this didn’t happen and the entire business had to be liquidated at auction.   

I’ve learned a lot though this.

Don’t ever listen to rumors. If you’re interested in an issue then take the time to research the facts and work forward from there, I think this is especially so in public policy issues where real people can be impacted and hurt from what is said behind the scenes. I’m glad the New Hampshire taxpayers weren’t raked over the coals while some shrewd and dishonest businessman walked away with the bacon. I think this turned out this way because of quality leadership and state employees like Executive Director Donovan and the BFA that are here in New Hampshire. I think this is something to be proud of.

I’m also really glad Mr. Donovan even took the time to respond to my inquiry. I’ve been frustrated by my local elected officials namely Executive Councilor Ray Burton and State Senator John Gallus to respond to any issues I’ve recently questioned; whether this is endorsement of John Stephen for Governor to concerns about regional economic development and the creation of jobs. They don’t respond.

They don't respond.

Right now I’m thinking about a quote that might be like the creation of pork sausage:

“Forget about the voters and eventually the voters will forget about you.”