Standing By The River.


Today in the Concord Monitor newspaper there was a story about Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Stephen and his recent visit to a river that is eroding:

I think this article shows why Stephen would not be successful.

I’ll let you read the article but if you notice the candidate talks about taking action like an eroding river but doesn’t say what action should be taken. This statement follows suit of his similar statements about the NH budget deficits and real issues like economic development and creating jobs. Stephens talks about wanting action but he doesn’t say what action should be taken.

It's just like his statements about the defcit. He suggests cuts but doesn't state what cuts he would make. Stephens suggests creating jobs with the use of tax holidays which undefined create more deficit without any real tangible result in creating jobs.

Are these the qualifications and effective statements of the next Governor of New Hampshire?

The Stephens Campaign has obviously invested money and resources into this campaign for Governor. Is this the best this campaign can come up with standing beside a river arguing for the shoreline?

How many other issues are there in New Hampshire?

As a last point I'm not aware the former Commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services has ever visited northern New Hampshire and considered the issues that face this area of the state. I've contacted both Executive Councilor Ray Burton and State Senator John Gallus to see if they are endorsing John Stephen to be the next Governor of New Hampshire.

Neither ever bother to respond.

Maybe these two can see November better than Stephens can.