Stephens Backward.


Today, I started my day like I do on most mornings before work and this is reading newspapers from across the state. Of course politics always comes to the forefront and I’m always looking for material for my blog.

In the Laconia Citizen I find a really interesting picture of gubernatorial candidate John Stephen meeting a most beautiful female near the Laconia Country Club, it’s Miss New Hampshire, I think her name is Krystal McColli but I didn’t write it down my interests would be more in the substance of this meeting, other than a photo op for the local media. The Laconia Citizen didn’t state what was discussed if there was a discussion at all. I think it would be real leadership is Ms. McColli would ask a question to the candidate for this important office:

Question: You’ve talked about cutting spending in New Hampshire, where would you cut? Exactly what programs are you considering cutting?

I think the New Hampshire taxpayers deserve a response to this question. To date, I don't think Stephens has produced it. Tonight I was in the Concord Hannaford. It's business as usual: Lots of people driving shiny BMWs and purchasing Brie. Lots of successful and intellectual conversation in the aire...

So I moved on from this my next reading which was the Concord Monitor and the Union and the proposed early release of four individuals that have been convicted and sentenced for their crimes in the granite state. The argument is the financial costs of incarceration vs. home confinement. Of course the news media doesn’t interview any of the victims of the crimes including the mowed down bicyclists on North Main Street that now live with a head injury forever…  

Below is my favorite scene from the movie Syrana titled “What Are They Thinking?” It makes me think about John Stephen, a candidate that if elected moves New Hampshire backward. And the backward comes from his own campaign: cut spending like the Department of Corrections. Cutting spending seems to be the only theme that he campaigns on.

What does John Stephen offer New Hampshire? Really.