Manufactured Drivel.


Political mailings… aren’t they just so much fun.

Today I got a political mailing from the most popularly elected official in northern New Hampshire, Executive Councilor Ray Burton.

It’s an invitation to attend an event for John Stephen, Republican Candidate for Governor. Stated as “Refreshments and Conversation” it’s from 5-7 PM on September 3, 2010 at the home of Jim and Jean Walker at 41 King Street in Woodsville, N.H. Of course there will be signs to show the way. If you go I hope that you have a good time and have all your questions answered by the candidate. He hasn’t answered a single one of my questions and Councilor Burton hasn’t answered either. I’m starting a new adventure in my life but my thoughts will be on New Hampshire and especially the manufactured drivel that appears in the rest of the mailing.

Manufactured drivel is also a compliment here because the two page brochure is complete garbage and serves as yet another example of what the voters of New Hampshire will get if they buy into this campaign come election time.

Titled: “New Leadership for New Hampshire.” The reproduced brochure on cheap white paper is dedicated to the only issue Stephens seems to be able to gain any political traction on. Cutting spending.

And of course the candidate has to use the same language that is safe for anyone that runs for elected office “I’ll cut spending, veto any broad-based income or sales tax and create jobs.”  Stephen also says that he has some ideas about the state budgeting process, of course most if not all of these ideas can and are already done in state government. I think Stephen falls off the cheap sheet when he states: “what I’ve done for a living, both in the public and private sector.” To my knowledge Stephen has never worked in the private sector to any degree. I don’t think his consultant fees to state governments in South Carolina and Rhode Island qualify as the private sector.

Other than be a career lawyer, politician and appointed state bureaucrat what else has Stephen done?