Referendums And The Guida Side Box.


I’ll start this out by saying that I really like referendums- let the voters decide!!! In November the Maine voters will be asked to vote on whether they support expanded casino gaming in that state. I’m not going to speculate as to the outcome of this vote but previously Maine voters have supported a 65 million dollar bonding of a transportation project that is known today as the Amtrak Downeaster.

So what does all of this have to do with NH 2d Congressional Candidate Bob Guida?

A recent Union Leader side box showed the candidate in a penned article about jobs, I think it reads like a graphic example of what is wrong with the Guida campaign. It’s late and I’m reaching for the word: insular. The Guida campaign is too insular. So let’s move on. The article basically talks about cutting taxes and growing “seed businesses” whether this is realistic in the U.S. and New Hampshire wasn’t discussed. Guida would however, go on to say “But innovative and actuarially sound solutions are needed, included self-funded programs and privatization.” Guida said. I think he covered some ground here but here again there are no details and if “actuarially sound solutions” is even practical in the second congressional district. The successful business models I’ve seen in NH involve a real understanding of the costs, capital and regulations of a business venture; the strategic assessment of the total market including the competition and most importantly, who are your customers and your employees-- and how do you satisfy and build both with a successful sales model and workplace leadership strategy?  And even then…

I had a hard time finishing this jobs article I’m already familiar with the fact that candidate Guida is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot, former State Representative, etc.  I’m not sure what any of this has to do with creating jobs in the 2d so I decide to move on to the most excellent Joe McQuaid article about big bucks Binnie moving the jobs down to Mexico. I think this evidence alone is enough to kill the Binnie campaign.

And it’s doesn’t have to be actuarially sound.