The Panera People Plan.


It can’t ever be right to deal in rumors but since I was fairly close to some of the flame I thought I’d share this one. Not long ago I was in Panera Bread where I overheard some details about a possible new pilot program they’re starting.

Pay what you can.

Not all of the items on the menu will be in this category and basically you’ll order the items and then state to the cashier what you will be paying for the item. I understand some of their muffins will be in this category.

So what does this have to do with politics?

Actually two reasons: first, if this pilot program goes through I think it will show that capitalism and not further regulation and laws is the direction to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Second if you’ve ever been in a Panera Bread location I think it’s safe to say, the place is very political I think much of the discussion in these topics range from fundraising to save the pandas.

At least this is progress…