Helicopter Politicians.


Not being negative and cynical about New Hampshire and its politics is something that I work at every day now. Today isn’t going to be a day that I’m successful in this endeavor. This idea that is leading me to this: (Picture a State of the State address in Representatives Hall on a cold February morning).

Madam Speaker His Excellency John Stephen.”

To think that the voters could actually buy into the Stephens campaign and this could become a reality. And just today, yet another example of how I believe the candidate is not only flawed but is trying to sell basically nothing to the voters of this state and the underlying arrogance of Stephen and how the voters could possibly believe this. I’m not even going to try and post the material or cite any of the references. But it goes like this:

U.S. Department of Commerce official to visit Nashua, New Hampshire and campaign with Stephen. Imagine how this will go: jobs, economic development and of course at least one dig at the current governor and all that has gone wrong in this area of the state. And it will just like his whole campaign: no details, reaching and undefined ideas of making things better and negative attacks. I think if Stephens and the powerful Commerce official are looking for grist for the mill they ought to start with Republican Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and exactly what she has accomplished in Nashua in the areas of economic development and creating jobs.

They won’t.

So you might be wondering why I’m terming the Stephens mission to Nashua helicopter politics. During my two terms in the NH House I was very interested in economic development and creating jobs. As a part of this I learned that the number #2 person from the U.S. Department of Commerce would be visiting northern New Hampshire to do some work in this area, this visit was coordinated by Sen. Judd Gregg. At the time I tried to participate in this visit my only agenda: to represent my district.

It was at this point I learned the true meaning of politics and how the power sources in Washington and Concord control everything. Control that means a select fraternity and outsiders are not welcome. And the visit went like this. The #2 Commerce official showed up in an elegant looking white helicopter (similar to what Citibank executives use) quickly flew over the Littleton Industrial Park and then left. About a week later a press release appeared quoting Preston Gilbert of the North Country Council Inc. talking about how upbeat the visit was and the iniatives for economic development and jobs.


Next Blog: Helicopter Politicians II. The fraternity of Sen. Gregg office and the real attitude. Where I attend a reception for Senator Gregg and at least one mask falls off.

To Be Continued...