Gone From Bad to Worse.


I’m not sure the date is entirely correct but it’s an early spring afternoon in March 1996 and I’m on my way to the Derryfield Country Club for a fundraiser for the then Senator Bob Smith.

There would be some interesting strategic significance to this event as well. I’d been in the legislature all day and the major legislation at the forefront were the jet ski restriction on the lakes bills, and very divisive.  Somehow every individual and group that has interest(s) in winnipesaukee, newfound, squam, etc. has the best ideas on whether to allow jet skis on “their” lake.  But on this day the industry lobbyists were earning their money—and prevailing. Two bills ended up ITL that would have restricted the expensive play toys.

The place is filled is filled with politicos, the band is playing (they suck) and it would take some time for the Senator and Congressman Zelliff to arrive. All different kinds of conversation is in the air of course there is always another campaign in the offing but to my surprise I don’t hear any rumors-- and I’m wondering if this is a good or bad thing. By now the Senator arrives with Congressman Zelliff they’re driving a pickup truck and immediately start working the crowd as if no one knows who they are. I’ll never understand this-- a room full of Republican supporters yet the crowd still needs to be worked. This is either good politics or bad.

New Hampshire.

The band is still playing they’re gone from bad to worse, and then I look out of the corner of my eye and see someone who I think can accurately be described as a political crasher. Very similar to a wedding crasher.

The event would get interesting indeed.

To Be Continued…