Establishment Politicos.


I had considered naming this blog turncoat politicians but this title seems better suited to the point of my argument:  

Turncoat Republicans.

I don’t have to waste any of my time or yours by naming names in the decision to support the incumbent Governor against John Stephen. The strategy here seems to say “Be a Republican if it’s convenient but always, always follow the money.” I think the outcome of the recent primary followed this flawed, but well tested philosophy as well. The former director of the Democratic Party terms this as a “new era.” My experience is that this type of political strategy has gone on for years but was never reported. Remember the Republican call for uncontested primaries, that was, until John E. Sununu decides to challenge Bob Smith. Actions like these show why the Republican Party is failing and will continue to fail. This isn’t a new era it’s simply a justification of an old one. It’s also interesting that along with the political speculation that the Republican Lynch supporters are indicating that the plans candidate Stephen has laid out will “shake things up very dramatically.”

And what plans are these?

I’ve followed the Stephen’s campaign since it was announced and have as yet to find a shed of anything coherent relative to economic development, taxbase and jobs in New Hampshire.

Where are the jobs?