Same Campaign, Different Day.


Under our plan, the Governor’s Office will lead the way for the Granite State in making the case around the globe that New Hampshire is a wonderful place to locate and grow.  We have an outstanding quality of life here and we need to promote the exceptional characteristics of our state.”- Stephen Campaign Website.

This certainly plays well.

But in the meantime, reality.

Lacking in any specific detail the Stephen’s campaign lays out a whole list of everything from tax cuts to university research to assist business and “create jobs.” I’ll stop short of calling this political trash but to me this is how this really reads. I think it’s also frustrating because an individual with the background, experience and contacts should be able to do better but for whatever reason he doesn’t.

This is unfortunate for his campaign and New Hampshire.

During his time as Commissioner of Health and Human Services I think Stephen really made a quality attempt to rein in costs and implement positive and needed change at the massive bureaucracy and of course his office met resistance. My experience in the legislature—messing with powerful, entrenched state employees can be a dicey business regardless of what the issue is. In some instances the Concord beltway is as powerful, and even more powerful than Washington. And none of this information unfortunately, appears to be coming out of the campaign.

Concord insiders might know what is going on, but the voters don’t.  

So where does this lead? I think the polls are quite accurate right now. The incumbent governor holds at least a ten point lead and it’s reasonable that Lynch could simply hold up in his fortress and let the attacker try and cross the moat. If the battle goes this way I think Stephen will get killed: I’m imagining a vote percentage somewhere along the Coburn lines. This would also rack up two failures for office for the former commissioner.

I think Stephen has one shot at the corner office. And the campaign would be very straightforward: start talking to the voters about the truth in Concord. Start talking about why things can’t be done in Concord. And start talking about why prominent Republicans are breaking ranks and endorsing Lynch.

New Hampshire voters would listen to this.