This Leads Somewhere.


    I’ve been to the Sands Bethworks Casino two times this past year and each time this new casino seems like it is increasingly busy. In addition to visiting the casino which is located alongside the Lehigh River in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I’ve been following the statistics on the Pennsylvania Gaming Control website and they seem to confirm the live numbers.

  On this basis it doesn’t take much analysis to see that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania generates greater tax revenue and economic activity as a result of the expanded casino gaming in that state. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves:

                                            July 2010                            August 2010

Wagers.                               $348,152,026.80               $315,831,654.81

Gross Terminal  Revenue.    $24,498,474.38                  $22,460,296.23

State Taxes.                         $8,329,481.31                    $7,636,500.70


Table games are not included in these numbers. (Recently started).

And like I stated earlier it doesn’t take much analysis to see that not only are the revenues either increasing or remaining stable but the total taxbase is increasing as well. And the inertia created over the long term is also quality. Eventually the Sands Bethworks Casino will continue on its master plan to improve the whole area by adding upscale condos, retail areas, etc. Thus creating yet more revenue, jobs and taxbase.

The question I'll leave you with: Was it a good policy move for the Pennsylvania Legislature to pass expanded casino gaming in the Commonweath of Pennsylvania?

To Be Continued…