The NHGOP Isn't Cool.


The New Hampshire Republican Party held its state committee convention at the Capitol Center for the Arts recently, it was an event filled with speeches by candidates that need something come election time.

“You know it’s a good year to be a Republican when you’re my age and it’s cool to be conservative again.” said Kerry Marsh who is the head of the young Republicans in this state. I’d like to see what the definition of cool is but campaign events generally aren’t the places of much substance. Of course all of the speakers were the winners of their respective primaries and other than former Governor Mitt Romney this was the extent of a convention for a party that wants to do well in November.

So beyond all the speeches, words and fluff what is the NH GOP proposing to do for New Hampshire?

The convention moved to adopt a number of amendments ranging from raiding the JUA money to what has been termed by the Concord Monitor “white nationalists” from Ashland. The later being a candidate from Ashland who ran unsuccessfully for the GOP nomination for a NH House seat from that district as if this is really that important. The Republicans then defeated the only real substance of the day, a motion from Rep. Ken Weyler in support of expanded casino and video gaming in New Hampshire, an idea that would inject millions of dollars of jobs and economic development into the state. It’s cool to be a Republican.

Cool indeed.

“One of the reasons we are so optimistic about what will happen in November is that we really have been able to maintain ourselves as a unified party.” stated party chairman and former Governor John Sununu. Is this last primary an example of a unified party? Somehow I don’t picture Charlie Bass and Jennifer Horn as examples of unification the same argument can be made over in the first district as well, and speaking of unification what about the funding for the various campaigns? Is this an example of unity? Republicans Joel Maiola and Bonnie Newman break ranks from the party and endorse a Democrat and not so much as a word in response about what they did. Unity. Right.  

The NH GOP isn’t cool. I think the party had a chance to do some significant restructuring and rebuilding and this opportunity is being blown down the river. The NH GOP had a chance to take a position on some real issues that face New Hampshire and did they do this? No they didn’t instead they used this convention as a forum to talk about the campaigns and little else.