Somehow A Decision Was Made.


Several months ago the NH Lottery Commission made a public announcement that Internet based gaming was to be offered. It didn’t take long for the anti-casino establishment to kill this one.

Where do they get their power?

As a part of this and what I think was a major flaw was that Governor Lynch apparently didn’t coordinate his efforts with that of the pro-casino members of the Legislature namely Sen. Lou Dellasandro. At first the Lottery Commission stated that the introduction of the internet based games would be delayed until September, then later after some legislative hearings the whole proposal has now been scrapped.

Somehow a decision has been made but who made this decision and why? Was it political or is this an example of the powers that be and how it is really done in New Hampshire?

Where do they get their power?

I think the Lottery Commission if asked would have been able to produce evidence that if introduced these internet based games would have brought needed revenue into the state but now none of this is going to happen.