It's On The List.


The news media is reporting that the President is enroute this morning to Milwaukee and Cleveland to give speeches related to an economic development program designed to create jobs and improve the nation’s highways, railroads and airports.

I’ve seen the list of what is proposed for New Hampshire. And one of them I’ll now term:  Pork.

We’ll it’s on the list.” said Executive Councilor Ray Burton in response to my question about whether he supports using federal funds for the upgrade of the privately held but publically traded St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad that runs though northern New Hampshire from Canada to the central part of Maine. My own analysis leads me to believe that not only is this railroad line not profitable there would be little, if any, economic development and jobs created as a result of this significant expenditure:

In the area of 53 million dollars.

I asked the long-time elected official how he could support a project of this expense that is surrounded by the issues I’ve already mentioned- unprofitability, and lack of job creation. I don’t think the response was very direct; but Burton suggested that a project like this is very strategic in nature, combined with several other major projects and acceptance of the whole program is how the grant money flows from Washington to “rural areas of New Hampshire.”

This may be the way that it is but does this make it right? I think the answer to this question is no.

It’s interesting that all of the candidates for the Second Congressional District are campaigning on themes of cutting spending and cutting the overall spending habits in Washington. It’s a quality idea and certainly plays well with the taxpayers. I can think of a project that would save the taxpayers in the area of 53 million dollars.

If only they would just do it.