True Grit.


Went and saw the movie, True Grit last night. Jeff Bridges will never be a John Wayne but I think he does a good job in his role I won’t try to sell you reasons why you should see this film but if you’re interested in anything western this won’t be a disappointment.

Of course I found a political message in the movie that I thought I’d share.

One of my favorite scenes is when the main character, a 14 year old sophisticated Mattie Ross is pursing the criminal Tom Chaney who is played by Josh Brolin comes across him while fetching a pale of water in the river. Mattie is determined for justice at the death of her father as Chaney instantly recognizes her but quickly dismisses any threats from the young heiress. So Mattie explains that he is under arrest and  then struggles to pull out a Colt firearm from a sack and points it at the career criminal. I think Brolin’s next line is worth a nomination for best supporting actor:

Don’t forget to cock the trigger.”

This reminds me of the performance of the NH Legislature and their session so far which ranges in value from milquetoast to smokescreens and their latest water fetching session: LOB press release about budget priorities.

Like this really amounts to anything.  Rep. Ken Weyler has the situation at hand but if you notice, or at least I notice, he isn’t a player in the leadership which means whatever he says, regardless of how accurate or effective won’t go anywhere. This is too bad.

The Republican Party had a historic opportunity to forge change this session for the better; instead it will turn into water fetching, indecision and ultimately nothing. I would not expect Gov. Lynch or any members of the Senate to waste much time teaching weapons handing skills. Why should they.

They’ve got the agenda and now they know it.