Ducks Fly Together.


I didn’t know Colebrook had a newspaper until I picked up the little copy of The Sentinel with a bold headline that read to the effect:  Councilor Ray Burton opposed to Hydro-Quebec transmission line that is possible through northern New Hampshire. And my immediate thought: good move don’t support anything that brings in economic development, jobs and taxbase into northern New Hampshire.

Several days later a Union Leader article also assails the whole idea of this transmission line. I think it was a biased and poorly written article by Lorna Colquhoun who spent more time discussing the people opposed, including an unemployed papermill worker then she did with the project itself. Biased.

 Why not in my backyard! I like my rural New Hampshire.

I’m still trying to understand the whole project and see the impact of building a Hydro-Quebec transmission line from eastern Canada through northern New England to I assume markets on the U.S. east coast. But why shouldn’t it not be done?

I’ll stop short of calling this ignorance, control and turf protection but if this were a picture the colors are rather evident. Or in political duck terms if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck it probably is a duck.

Quack Quack. 

Burton and Colquhoun.