Nook and Roll.


I’m down here in rainy Jacksonville, Florida. After spending a long seven days sitting in a terminal in Atlanta trying to get a load I was going to take some time and start talking about some of the politics in the trucking industry.

And there is a lot of politics in the trucking industry!  

I’m going to pass this over, for now, but I think you’ll enjoy some of my adventures in this field, and if nothing else it might make you feel better about whatever projects that you’re working on. Okay, let’s move on: Last night I went over to the St. John’s Greyhound Park in Jacksonville the place is really nice, much more than I expected from a greyhound racetrack it is surrounded by gated communities, good middle class housing and very well landscaped retail strips with shops like Starbuck’s and Publix Supermarkets. There was no live racing last night; but the track itself is really nice. Its three floors with the second floor being a full scale poker room and the simulacasting facility, racebook and restaurants on the third floor.  Everything is new and quite similar to what is seen in Las Vegas.

I kept on thinking: This is what the Lodge at Belmont could have been like including the surrounding area of Laconia and Belmont.  Similar arguments could also be made for Salem and Seabrook, New Hampshire.  But no.

The Legislature in its annual quest for revenue taxed this whole idea right into oblivion! 10%tax on gaming winnings and there goes that idea. Guess the new speaker is down in Washington, D.C. hob knobbing with a presidential candidate. I hope that this leads New Hampshire somewhere; but somehow I doubt it.  Also last night I stopped by a huge Barnes & Noble Bookstore right near Jacksonville Beach they had a good display of portable electronic readers like the Color Nook. At first I dismissed the whole idea of electronic reader: simply an appendage of the yuppie lifestyle.

But after trying out the Color Nook have changed my attitude. This is definitely a great piece of equipment books, magazines, etc. all accessible via a Wi Fi connection and most are free. The scrolling functions work really well. My only concern with the unit is the fonts used in the books and magazines I attempted to find this adjustment and I didn’t see one the price on the unit is something to consider as well $249.00. But all in all I think the use and idea of an electronic reader is a good one and I’d imagine as time goes on their use will become more normal and affordable.

Information is power. This is good.